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American seed catalogues - 2000


HPS Seed Catalkg

This excellent catalog for the commercial grower, marker gardener or large scale hobbyist is packed with exciting new introductions.

Like most catalogs they have the latest in Wave petunias, 'Coral Wave', and three more colours in 'Mediterranean' trailing vincas &endash; apricot, deep rose and a mixture of all four colours. There are plenty of new impatiens including 'Stardust' mix, four colours each with a speckled eye, 'Butterfly Kisses' from the superb Tempo Series with each of the five colours boasting a contrasting butterfly mark and their new 'Java Flame' mix, a wide range of shades of New Guinea imps, each one striped or starred.

Three good new pansies join the extensive range: 'Copperfield' is a blend of rusty, orange, bronze, apricot and yellow shades, 'Impressions' is a delightful blend of dark colours, all with pretty pale faces while 'Contessa' is the latest mix of
ruffled pansies. From England come snapdragons for cut flower in the form of 'Double Azalea Apricot' and for edging with the gorgeous neat and compact 'Peaches and Cream'. British bred 'Sunspot' American marigolds offer tremendous value.

HPS offer many of the new AAS and Fleuroselect winners, a good range of vegetables plus seed starting supplies and other accessories. The catalog is large format and usefully detailed but is aimed at the serious and larger scale grower rather than the occasional gardener, with more seeds in a packet than many gardeners will need.

Best new HPS variety for 2000: Impatiens 'Butterfly Kisses'
Next best HPS newcomers: Pansy 'Copperfield', Petunia 'Coral Wave', Sunflower 'Soraya', Begonia 'Rose Petticoat'
But think twice about: Osteospermum 'Passion' &endash; limited colour range, varieties from cuttings are better.
To order a free catalog: Call 1-800-322-7288 or write to HPS, PO Box 10, 571 Whaley Pond Road, Graniteville, SC 29829 or visit their website
Extras: $3.00 handling charge, shipping free.

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