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The Planting Planner, by Graham Rice

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The Planting Planner
by Graham Rice

The single most important factor in creating a satisfying garden is putting the right plant in the right place and this is the book that helps you do just that.

The idea is simple: almost 300 pages of lists of plants of every sort and for every soil and situation. So if you're looking for a dwarf, winter flowering evergreen shrub.... there's a list of the best. A ground cover plant for dry shade: there's a list of them too. Shorter climbing roses for small gardens: another list.

Each plant has a few crisp comments with advice on any special growing features and every plant in the book was available from a British nursery when the book was written and most were also available from good garden centres.

The contents

Problem Situations
Plants for Purposes
Plants for their Habit
Choosing Trees
Choosing Shrubs
Chosing Climbers and Wall Shrubs
Choosing Hardy Perennials

Choosing Alpines and Rock Plants
Choosing Ground Cover Plants
Chosing Annuals and Biennials
Choosing Bulbs
Choosing Herbs
Choosing Roses

And more...

The book: Paperback; 8.5inX5.5in; 302 pages;

Reviews: I know it sounds silly - but I've lost them !


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