Hellebores… the winter’s most captivating plants. Here you’ll find information and pictures on wild species hellebores and Orientalis Hybrids, or Lenten roses as they’re sometimes known, on Christmas roses, on botanical classification, on hellebore propagation and cultivation, on hellebore books as well as my articles from The Garden and from other magazines. You’ll also find a directory of sources for hellebore seed and plants.

The text on this site is based on the book written by myself and Elizabeth Strangman. I have expanded this to add additional information and also to incorporate more recent discoveries and introductions.

Enthusiasm for hellebores is still on the increase and here you’ll find all you need to know about hellebores, with information on keeping your hellebores happy and propagating them successfully.

Graham Rice
Gardeners Guide to Growing hellebores
Christmas rose, Lenten rose, hellebore
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