Aquilegia Trial

Auqiliegia trial
Most of the colour in the trial was provided by the F1 Hybrids.

The Royal Horticultural Society’s trial of Aquilegias was carried out at the society’s trial ground at Wisley in Surrey. Plants were raised from seed sown in 2002 and judged in the spring and summer of 2003. The characteristics which the judges considered were: habit, health, floriferousnes, colour and cut flower potential and, as in all trials, uniformity, trueness to type and the balance in the mixtures.

The Society’s report of the trial can be found on the RHS website at ???.

For a discussion of the trial and modern developments in aquilegias see the October 2003 issue of The Garden, available free to members of The Royal Horticultural Society. You can join the Society here.

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