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Annual Flowers

Hardy annuals for drying
Although many half-hardy annuals for drying can be treated as hardy annuals and sown direct in the garden in warm areas, these will be more widely successful.

Ammobium alatum 'Grandiflorum' Pure white everlastings. 2ft/60cm
Bracteantha (Strawflower) 'Drakkar Pastel Mixture' Pastel straw flowers. 3ft/90cm
Carthamus tinctorius 'Orange and Gold' Everlasting thistles. 3ft/90cm
Chenopodium 'Andean Hybrids' Like gold, green, red millet. 4ft/1.2m
Helipterum 'Double Mixed' Papery heads in red, pinks, white. 1ft/30cm
Helipterum humboltianum Scented yellow, green when dry. 18in/45cm
Lonas inodora Prolific golden yellow buttons in wide heads. 2ft/60cm
Salvia horminum (Clary) 'Claryssa' Stem leaves in best colour mix. 18in/45cm
Scabiosa (Scabious) 'Drumstick' Unusual spherical bronzed papery heads. 1ft/30cm
Xeranthemum 'Lumina' Superb, prolific double; good colours. 1ft/30cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in


Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  


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Annual Flowers

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