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Annual Flowers

Hardy annual mixtures
Hardy annual mixtures provide the most dazzling and also the most surprising summer colours; give them a space of their own where they won't clash with neighbouring plants.

Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower) 'Frosty Mixed' White-tipped cornflowers. 21/2ft/75cm
Chrysanthemum 'Court Jesters' Bicolours and tricolours. 18in/45cm
Delphinium (Larkspur) 'Hyacinth Flowered Mixed' Pink, blues, white. 3ft/90cm
Eschscholtzia (California poppy) 'Ballerina' Fiery and frilly California poppies. 9in/23cm
Godetia 'Satin Mixed' Superb early mix; clear colours. 9in/23cm
Helichrysum (Strawflower) 'Chico Mixed' Dwarf, bushy everlasting mix. 15in/38cm
Iberis (Candytuft 'Flash' Candytuft mix with widest possible colour range. 1ft/30cm
Linaria (Toadflax) 'Fairy Bouquet' Wide range of tiny snapdragons. 1ft/30cm
Lobularia (Alyssum) 'Morning Mist' Best colour range alyssum mix. 6in/15cm
Lupinus (Lupin) 'Pixe Delight' Soft pinks, blues; happy in poor soil. 15in/38cm
Mesembryanthemum 'Harlequin' Sparkling mix; exceptional colour range. 6in/15cm
Tropaeolum (Nasturtium) 'Whirlybird Mixed' Semi-double nasturtiums. 1ft/30cm
Nemesia 'Carnival' Large flowered bright and fiery colours. 1ft/30cm
Nemesia 'Pastel Mixed' Smaller flowers, softer pastel shades. 9in/23cm
Nigella (Love-in-a-mist) 'Persian Jewels' Love-in-a-mist in pinks, blues, white. 18in/45cm
Papaver (Poppy) 'Mother of Pearl' Poppies in unuual pinks, lilacs, greys. 1ft/30cm
Papaver (Opium poppy) 'Peony Flowered Mixed' Huge fluffy double poppies. 3ft/90cm
Papaver 'Summer Breeze' Yellow, orange, white; stunning. 1ft/12in
Phlox 'Palona' Impressive new compact mix; clear colours. 9in/23cm
Scabiosa (Scabious) 'Double Mixed' Reds, purples, pinks and lavenders. 3ft/90cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in

Adapted from
The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  

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