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Annual Flowers

Hardy annuals with pink flowers
Salmon, rose and blushed shades come here, some with darker markings and a few in a range of pink shades from one seed packet.

Agrostemma githago (Corn cockle) 'Milas' Soft, lilac-tinted pink trumpets. 3ft/90cm
Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower) 'Florence Pink' Bushy pink cornflower. 15in/38cm
Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower) 'Pink Ball' Fully double pink cornflower. 3ft/90cm
Clarkia 'Apple Blossom' Double, salmon; good for cutting. 4ft/1.2m
Clarkia 'Pink Joy' White-eyed, upward facing pink bowls. 1ft/30cm
Convolvulus (Dwarf Morning glory) 'Rose Ensign' Yellow and white throat; pretty. 8in/20cm
Crepis rubra Pink thistles on sturdy upright plants; self sows. 1ft/30cm
Eschschlotzia (California poppy) 'Thai Silk Pink Shades' Fluted, silky petals. 9in/23cm
Godetia 'Rosy Morn' Double coral pink; good for cutting. 3ft/90cm
Godetia 'Sybil Sherwood' Single salmon pink, edged white. 1ft/30cm
Gypsophila (Baby's breath) 'Bright Rose' Clouds of tiny flowers; for cutting. 18in/45cm
Lathyrus odoratus (Dwarf sweet pea)'Cupid' Low, pink and white sweet pea. 6in/15cm
Lavatera (Annual mallow) 'Silver Cup' Striking pink trumpets with dark veins. 3ft/90cm
Leonorus sibiricum Unusual two-tone flowers in tight spires. 4ft/1.2m
Lobularia (Alyssum) 'Easter Bonnet Deep Pink' Pale alyssum, then deep. 3in/7.5cm
Malope 'Pink Queen' Shell pink trumpets, dark veins and eye. 3ft/90cm
Silene 'Peach Blossom' Rose buds, salmony then white flowers. 6in/15cm
Tropaeolum (Nasturtium) 'Salmon Baby' Dark eyed, salmon nasturtium. 1ft/30cmÝ
Vaccaria 'Florist Rose' Small rose flowers on straight stems. 18in/45cm
Viscaria 'Rose Angel' Dark-eyed rose pink; deliacte but bold. 1ft/30cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in

Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  

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Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

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