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Annual Flowers

Hardy annuals with red flowers
These reds vary enormously, from dusky shades to vivid orange-scarlet as well as some startling varieties in red and white bicolours.

Adonis aestivalis (Pheasants's eye) Black-eyed, deep scarlet; prettily cut leaf. 18in/45cm
Amaranthus 'Pygmy Torch' Deep, dusky red upright spikes. 18in/45cm
Amaranthus caudatus (Love-lies-bleeding) Long, deep pink, pendulous tassels. 3ft/90cm
Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower) 'Red Ball' Double deep red cornflower. 3ft/90cm
Convolvulus (Dwarf Morning glory) 'Red Ensign' Pink red trumpets; trailing plant. 8in/20cm
Emilia sonchifolia Fluffy orange-red balls on slender stems. 2ft/60cm
Eschscholtzia (California poppy) 'Dalii' Orange-eyed, red california poppy. 1ft/30cm
Eschscholtzia (California poppy) 'Red Chief' Brilliant and fiery orange scarlet. 15in/38cm
Godetia 'Crimson Fire' Pale-eyed, crimson upturned flowers. 1ft/30cm
Helianthus (Sunflower) 'Velvet Queen' Deep red sunflower; colour varies. 5ft/1.5m
Helichrysum (Strawflower) 'Hot Bikini' Fiery orange-red everlasting. 15in/38cm
Linum grandiflorum (Flax) Bold, blood red flower; slender plant. 15in/38cm
Lobularia (Alyssum) 'New Red' Pale flowers darken with age; variable. 3in/7.5cm
Malope 'Vulcan' Shimmering red, dark veined, green eyed. 2ft/60cm
Nemesia 'National Ensign' Scarlet and white; short season. 9in/23cm
Papaver somniferum (Opium poppy) 'Laciniatum Crimson' Double poppy. 3ft/90cm
Papaver (Poppy) 'Danish Flag' Scarlet poppy with white basal blotches. 2ft/60cm
Phlox 'Beauty Scarlet' Fine bright red form of annual phlox. 1ft/30cm
Tropaeolum (Nasturtium) 'Empress of India' Deep scarlet; blue-green leaf. 1ft/30cm
Xeranthemum 'Lumina Red' Bushy everlasting; dries well. 18in/45cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in


Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  

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Annual Flowers

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