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Annual Flowers

Half hardy annuals with bi-coloured flowers
Bicoloured flowers always seem to be popular and the flow of new varieties in striking combinations continues.

Antirrhinum 'Brighton Rock' Old fashioned striped mixture. 15in/38cm
Antirrhinum 'Floral Showers Lavender' Lavender and cream. 9in/23cm
Antirrhinum 'Night and Day' White throat, crimson lips. 2ft/60cm
Antirrhinum 'Princess' White with a bright rose lower lip. 18in/45cm
Begonia (Fibrous) 'Coco Ducolor' Pink-edged white; dark leaf. 6in/15cm
Begonia (Tuberous) 'Pin Up' Huge, single, pink-edged white. 1ft/30cm
Callistpehus (Aster) 'All Change' Tight, pale edged, red or blue buttons. 15in/38cm
Cosmidium 'Brunette' Oragne daisies; bold mahogany centre. 3ft/90cm
Dianthus 'Black & White Minstrels' Deep crimson and white. 1ft/30cm
Dianthus 'Snow Fire' Startling, scarlet centred, single white. 9in/23cm
Impatiens 'Mega Orange Star' Orange and white busy lizzie. 9in/23cm
Impatiens 'Swirl Mixed' Pink shades with dark picotee edge. 6in/15cm
Mimulus 'Viva' Large yellow flowers, boldy blotched in red. 1ft/30cm
Nicotiana 'Domino Purple Bicolor' Deep purple, white eye. 15in/38cm
Pelargonium (Geranium) 'Multibloom Cherry Fizz' Red, with a white eye. 1ft/30cm
Petunia 'Daddy' Prettily veined flowers in at least eight shades. 1ft/30cm
Petunia 'Merlin Picotees' Red, rose and blue; clear white rim. 1ft/30cm
Salvia 'Cherry Blosom' Pink and white; pretty and elegant. 18in/45cm
Tagetes (French marigold) 'Harlequin' Rust/yellow striped. 2ft/60cm
Viola (Pansy) 'Jolly Joker' Orange with purple wings; extraordinary. 6in/15cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annualss - are for raising indoors or buying in


Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  


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