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Annual Flowers

Half hardy annuals with blue flowers
Seed companies have a habit of using the term 'blue' to describe a variety of lilac shades as well as true blues; most of these really are blue.

Ageratum 'Blue Horizon' Fluffy heads; for border or cutting. 2ft/60cm
Ageratum 'Blue Swords' Clear colour; strong, mounded plants. 9in/23cm
Brachyscome 'Blue Star' Quilled petals, purple tinted; edging. 1ft/30cm
Callistephus (Aster) 'Blue Bedder' Tight hummocks; late, double flowers. 1ft/30cm
Campanula 'Krystal Blue' Blue bells; neat trailer; tiny seed. 9in/23cm
Delphinium chinensis 'Sky Blue' Exquisite penetrating shade. 15in/6in
Heliophila longifolia Clouds of small, white centred flowers. 18in/45cm
Impatiens 'Super Elfin Blue Pearl' Blueish, the nearest so far. 6in/15cm
Lobelia 'Cambridge Blue' Pale blue bushy lobelia; tiny seed. 6in/15cm
Lobelia 'Crystal Palace' Deep blue set against bronze leaves. 6in/15cm
Lobelia 'Sapphire' Dark blue with a white eye; trailing habit.
Lobelia valida 'Blue Ribbons' White-eyed blue; upright habit. 1ft/30cm
Petunia 'Blue Daddy' Good blue with attractive dark veining. 1ft/30cm
Petunia 'Celebrity Sky Blue' The nearest to pale blue; lovely. 1ft/30cm
Salvia farinacea 'Blue Victory' Slim silver stems; tight spikes. 18in/45cm
Salvia patens 'Cambridge Blue' Huge flowers, but sparse. 18in/45cm
Solanum sisymbrifolium Rare, very spiny, but striking; pale. 3ft/90cm
Verbena 'Blue Lagoon' Good blue heads on spreading plants. 9in/23cm
Viola (Pansy)'Blue Velour' Small flowered; bushy and very prolific. 6in/15cm
Viola (Pansy) 'The Joker' Pretty faced blue and white with yellow eye. 6in/15cm

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in


Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice  

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Annual Flowers

Annual Flowers

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