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Half hardy annuals best raised from plugs
These half-hardy annuals are often best bought in as seedlings or plugs as they can be difficult to raise from seed without special facilities.

Begonia (fibrous rooted) Tiny seed, very difficult to sow evenly.
Begonia (tuberous rooted) Tiny seed, tricky to sow; very expensive.
Impatiens Singles: Expensive seed; difficult to start succesfully.
Impatiens Doubles: Only 50% double from seed; plants 100%.
Lobelia Minute seed; seedlings rot easily when very young.
Pelargonium (Geranium) Bushy types: Expensive, very few seeds supplied.
Pelargonium (Geranium) Ivy-leaved types: Cuttings raised types better than seed.
Petunia Small seed, difficult to sow thinly and raise successfully.
Salvia Not easy to grow well, seedlings often develop poorly.
Verbena Most varieties very difficult to germinate successfully.

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Hardy annuals - are for sowing in the garden
Half hardy annuals - are for raising indoors or buying in


Adapted from The Planting Planner by Graham Rice   

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