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Annual Flowers

Compare the top two books on annuals

Annuals & Biennials by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix
Encyclopaedia of annuals and biennials
The latest in a highly respected series
Pictures by a top plant photographer, test by a leading botanist
Features a vast range of familiar and rare varieties
Factual text by an expert botanist
Pictures taken in the studio, in gardens and in the wild around the world
Not available in the USA until spring 2000
Email advice on availability provided
288 pages, 1000+ pictures, 12x9in/30x23cm

Discovering Annuals
Discovering Annuals by Graham Rice
Ideas for using annuals and biennials in the garden
Nominated for the 1999 Garden Writers Guild award Written by the winner of two Garden Writers Guild awards
Concentrates on varieties listed in catalogues
Inspiring and opinionated text by a sparky writer
Pictures feature creative planting ideas from the author's own garden
Separate editions for Britain and the USA, American edition prepared with help from award-winning American garden writer
This website provides masses of extra information
192 pages, almost 200 pictures, 101/4x101/4in/26x26cm

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Not avail;able from the USA until spring 2000

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Review of Annuals and Biennials by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix
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