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Annuals and Biennials by Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix will not be published in the USA until 2000


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Annuals and Biennials
by Roger Phillips & Martin Rix (1999)

Graham Rice In Association with
Graham Rice in association with

Roger Phillips and Martyn Rix have been producing their highly praised series of photographic plant encyclopaedias for many years and the latest addition to these invaluable reference books features annuals and biennials.

The format is well known: full page photographs of many different groups, like sunflowers for example, together with pictures of individual varieties taken both in garden and in their natural habitats. These are accompanied by an expert text which describes the plants in detail and adds notes on the wild homes or origins plus tips on how to grow them in the garden.

The pictures are superb and include some lovely studio plates &endash; the sunflower and poppy pages are especially pretty. And it's fascinating to see how so many annuals grow in the wild.

Both familiar and some very unusual annuals are covered, but even in such large book some well known varieties have had to be left out in order to accommodate less familiar species which have never been illustrated before. Bedding geraniums do not appear at all, which is a serious omission, and at the same time a number of varieties are included which are very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.

This is a wonderful book which, although slightly marred by some unexpected omissions and some eccentric inclusions, will instantly become the first place to look whenever expert details on annuals are required.

288 pages
1000+ photographs

Reviewed by Graham Rice

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