Buy hellebore books
Buy hellebore books
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Hellebores
by Graham Rice & Elizabeth Strangman

This is the first book for gardeners on these captivating plants. Written with world-famous hellebore breeder Elizabeth Strangman and featuring full page studio photographs by the renowned Roger Phillips, the book is packed with detailed information on propagation, cultivation, breeding and using the plants in the garden and there's a comprehensive guide to species and varieries written without botanical jargon. It also includes contributions by Brian Mathew, Helen Ballard, Will McLewin and Jim Archibald.

Special features
14 colour plates by Roger Phillips showing a vast range of species and varieties; easy-to-follow descriptions of all the species and an extenive range of named varieties; step-by-step descriptions of how to raise and breed hellebores; beautiful line drawings showing the leaf of each species..

The Lure and Magic of Hellebores by Elizabeth Strangman
Ecology and Botany
Plant Associations
The Hellebore Species
Hybrids in the Wild and in Gardens
Breeding Hellebores
The Orientalis Hybrids
Case Histories
People and their Plants: Jim Archibald & Eric Smith; Helen Ballard: Brian Mathew; Will McLewin; Robin White; Margery Fish
The National Collections
Hellebores in the United States
Hellebores in Australia

The book
160 pages; 10in x 8in; 14 colour plates by Roger Phillips; 25 other colour pictures; many line drawings


'A scholarly but readable guide to all the hellebores.'
Stephen Lacey, Sunday Telegraph

'Warning: if you read - even browse - this book, you're in danger to get hooked to hellebores for life. The authors know what they are writing about, and shovel sage advice in every page. Several expert growers offer also their knowledge. Not to talk about the simply wonderful colour photographs, that will let you dreaming on hellebores for weeks and weeks and... Simply the best book to enter in Hellebore Land.' customer

Words ©Graham Rice or © Graham Rice/Elizabeth Strangman 1993-2001. Pictures ©Graham Rice/ unless stated. All Rights Reserved.