Aquilegia States Series/Swan Series

The States Series is the tallest of the three series and was developed by PanAmerican Seed by Dr Ellen Leue using material from the Songbird Series as the starting point. It was first introduced under the States Series name by Three Counties Nursery starting in 1999 but is known as the Swan Series in North America. One colour from the Olympia Series has been used to expand the series in Britain.

States Series Swan Series
'Alaska' ‘Swan White' Picture
‘Colorado’ ‘Swan Violet and White’ (aka ‘Remembrance’) Picture
‘Florida’ ‘Swan Yellow’ Picture
‘Georgia’ ‘Swan Red and White’ Picture
‘Louisiana’ ‘Swan Burgundy and White' Picture
‘Montana’ ‘Swan Rose and White’ Picture
‘Virginia’ ‘Swan Blue and White’ Picture
Not yet introduced ‘Swan Lavender’
Olympia Series
'Kansas’ 'Olympia Red and Gold' Picture

Award winners in the recent trial were:
‘Georgia’ (= ‘Swan Red and White’)
‘Alaska’ (= 'Swan White')
‘Florida’ (= ‘Swan Yellow’)

Close to an award were:
‘Colorado’ (= ‘Swan Violet and White’)
‘Kansas’ (= ‘Olympia Red and Gold’)
‘Virginia’ (= ‘Swan Blue and White’)


In Britain plants and seeds are available to home gardeners from Three Counties Nursery, who introduced them and popularised them in Britain, Mr Fothergills Seeds, Nicky’s Nursery and perhaps other mail order seed companies.

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